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It was founded to people greatly facilitate and shorten problems such as distance to institutions that need to travel, expensive parking and finally the unnecessary search for a parking space. So, with this kind of service, save time and money! Of course, while our service does not lose its quality because each therapist brings massage table, oils, gels and various ointments to prevent pain. That’s why we have a professional service, because in our country there is no improvisation such as kitchen tables, beds or work on the floor.

marko1Marko Palešćak

Founder of a mobile massage, physiotherapist with 14 years experience. He completed his education in Zagreb, passed the state exam, and after that he completed training on sports massage in Italy. After the work experience in hospitals, private physical therapy and sports clubs he founded the independent work in Zagreb, Umag and Brac. After the collaboration with many satisfied customers he decided to spread his work field to other places in Croatia. Although unfamiliar to many, he spread his mobile massage business in many companies and developed the new brand so-called “office massage.”

About us

”Zdravo tijelo” the team physiotherapist with the state exam at the Ministry of Health and many years of experience in this branch of medicine. All therapists are highly trained and have gained experience in hospitals, sports clubs and foreign physical therapy.
We work with hundreds of people in Zagreb and several dozen athletes who have maximum confidence in our service. Our concern about the health of many people, we are more comfortable day and help them overcome everyday tasks that can often be stressful and physically exhausting. The health service with a team of our therapists has greatly contributed to facilitating the clients, the more they themselves do not have to travel to various institutions and also to spend time, but the treatment they receive in the warmth of your home or in your business environment, which contributes to a better mood rating and creativity and productivity of their work.


Why sports massage:

Sports massage is specifically focused on the muscles and muscle work that creates lactic acid which is a byproduct of anaerobic processes (muscle work). Muscles then use glucose as fuel without oxygen to burn completely, they only partially degraded to a compound known as lactic acid. The level of lactic acid increases, causing a sharp pain in the muscles and can lead to muscle fatigue within a few seconds if they have not been removed. Tolerance level elevated levels of lactic acid in the muscles depends from person to person and is to some extent determining factor in endurance.

The goal of sports massage:

Sports massage strive to minimize the possibility of chronic cluster that eventually turn into microcalcifications. Sports massage after exercise or sports training helps to remove harmful substances from the body and faster recovery of the organism. You also need to devote attention to the muscles that were most active during the activity

Medical massage

Massage is the easiest way to achieve relaxation and maintaining health. Its name derives from the Arabic massa meaning touch. Known since the man mentioned in all cultures, from India, Greece, China, Egypt, and Rome all the way to the Middle East. The first written records in Europe dating back to the 18th century and are associated with the Swedish doctor Henric P. Ling, the creator of the “Swedish” massage from which they develop different styles.
Stimulated by touch, millions of receptors in the skin send signals to the brain that responds by stimulating the secretion of endorphins, hormones of happiness and good cheer. That is why massage works powerfully on the nervous system because it calms nerves and reduces the level of harmful (stress) hormones in the body.

Performs hands for the purpose of direct or indirect action on the muscular and nervous system and the circulation of blood and lymph. If you imagine that your body factory, your muscles are workers in the factory. That they would be more effective they need a sufficient amount of food, air and rest. In our body, the blood supply muscles with all that is necessary for normal function. Massage increases blood circulation throughout the body, which means it delivers more oxygen, and refers more harmful substances from our cells. That’s the biggest benefit of massage. Also, massage can help aching muscles and joints, and increase flexibility of the skin and body, tone muscles, enhance immunity, anti-stress effects.

Physiological effects of massage (reflexology and mechanical)

– Increased firmness and elasticity (mechanical effect)
– Remove the desquamated epithelial cells (mechanical effect)
– Causes a local hyperemia (Reflex + mechanical)
– Release histamine vasodilation (mechanical)
– Metabolism (Reflex + mechanical)
– Accelerates the flow of blood and lymph (reflex and mechanical)
– Analgesic (reflex and mechanical)
– Increases the contractile ability of the muscle (mechanical)
– Stretching of shortened soft tissue (mechanical)
– General relaxation (Reflex)
– Sedation (reflex and mechanical)


– Increased muscle tone
– Rheumatic pain conditions
– Decreased muscle tone due to their inactivity
– Venous and lymphatic stasis
– Fibromialgia
– Adhesion and shortening of the soft tissue
– Psychosomatic


Vrsta masaže
Relaxing massage partial / full body massage
30 / 60
120 / 220
Medical massage partial / full body massage
30 / 60
120 / 220
Sports massage partial / full body massage
30 / 60
120 / 220
The price includes: pickups, oil, gels, creams and use of medical table.
Opening hours every day 8:00 to 22:00
Massage using almond oil, and grease allergy and rheumatism.
The fat acts as an irritant and rubefacient.
This is a preparation with herbal and synthetic-skim components. Levomenthol acting anesthetic and analgesic.
Camphor and methyl salicylate expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation and tissue
thus leading to a pleasant feeling of warmth.
Grease used in rheumatic diseases, muscle pain, sciatica.

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